Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wonder woman

Today hasn't necessarily gone as planned, translation - I didn't get to spend the morning knitting/crocheting.  However, I did get a lot of stuff done and that makes me feel good.  So, how did my day start instead?  How else but with a trip to the grocery store! Upon waking at the early hour (I jest) of 715 am, I realized that my day would go A LOT smoother if I got my butt in gear and to the grocery store by 8 am.  Before heading to the store though, I needed to empty the dishwasher and clean up the dinner dishes from the night before.  Lucky for me there wasn't a lot of clean up and it all went pretty quickly.

I needed to go to the store because I had plans to make a Crock Pot Beef Stew and with a dentist appointment at 11 am, there weren't a whole lot of options for a grocery store run later on that would let me get the crock pot going at the right time.  I also needed to pick up some baking supplies and needed my afternoon open for baking. 

I was able to get to and from the grocery store in about an hour, which is pretty good for me.  No dilly dallying allowed! Once home I got a lot of laundry going and then got to work on preparing everything for the crock pot.  This particular meal is SUPER easy to set up, which just happens to be my favorite kind of crock pot meal.  While I think the ones that have you precook some stuff are a little bit tastier, but they certainly leave more clean up (boo!).  Anyhow!  I got carrots & potatoes peeled and cut up followed by the onion and beef and all into the crock pot by about 945.  Next up was the dentist appointment and then home for lunch and an afternoon filled with baking!

Phew!  It's been a busy day.  I'm actually between baking now and need to get back to it.  I know that I keep promising more updates and I wanted to say that I am working on it.  I'd like to share the Crock Pot Beef Stew recipe, but I haven't made this one in a long time and want to make sure it's as good as I remember.  Look for a post with the recipe soon! 

All this is to say that I feel a little bit like wonder woman today or super wife ;o)  I hope that you are having a fabulous day as well!

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